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Once the municipal construction permit has been obtained, having hired the services of the technical inspection organisation and having a positive D01 document issued by the OCT, having bought the ten-year insurance for damages, having obtained the municipal authorisation to start with the construction work and having hired the technical staff that will manage the construction work (architect and architectural technician), the safety and health overseer and the contractor, the developer or owner can start with the construction work. However, it should not be started until:

After obtaining the municipal construction permit, having hired the services of the technical inspection organization and obtaining the affirmative D01 document issued by the OCT, having purchased ten years of damage compensation insurance, having obtained the municipal authorization to start the construction work and having hired the technical construction staff (architects and construction technicians), the safety and health supervisor and the contractors, developers or owners can start construction work. However, it should be started until:

1.- The certificate of commencement is signed. It defines the start date of construction, takes all necessary documents into account to start construction, and that the project can be constructed in accordance with the provisions of the property scope of the plot.

2. The constructor has signed the book of orders and attendance. The document of the architectural supervision team records the orders issued during the construction process.

3. The safety and health overseer has approved the safety plan. This document should be written by the construction company based on the safety and health study.

4. Additionally, the safety and health overseer will need to have provided the book of incidents that will be used to record and track the safety plan, and where incidents in this regard that may take place during the construction work will be recorded.

5. Lastly, the construction company notifies the authority having jurisdiction (Conselleria de Treball, Comerç i Indústria) of the opening of the working site.

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