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Buying or building a new home is one of the most important decisions in life, so you want to make sure you do it right. We’re here to help you through the entire process from buying the property with the appropriate zoning permits for building your dream home to realizing the finished project.

Before starting any new building or renovation and expansion of an existing building, you need to have a project. This document is indispensable, not only to obtain a municipal construction permit but also to be a necessary condition for the execution of construction work.

According to LOE’s Spanish Construction Regulations Act, the project must be formulated by an architect who, through his work and signature, guarantees compliance with zoning and technical laws. Moreover, in the future, construction work will be carried out in accordance with existing laws on safety and occupation. In order to build, renovate or expand a building, in addition to hiring an architect ’s services, depending on the type of project, the following technicians are required:

  1. An architect who develops projects and serves as the project manager. Usually, the same architect performs two tasks.
  2. A construction technician, in addition to managing construction work, also developed a material control plan.
  3. An Architect or a construction technician who prepares safety and health research or basic research and supervises during construction. An architect can be hired to conduct the aforementioned safety and health studies and supervise this aspect on site.
  4. If the building involves more than one residence or has multiple uses, a telecommunications engineer must be hired and he needs to develop and supervise the so-called Common Telecommunications Infrastructure project (‘proyecto de infraestructuras comunes de telecomunicaciones).

We’re here for you to make sure you can move into your new dream home as soon as possible while adhering to the relevant rules and regulations.

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